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Make A Difference Movie - Teddy Stallard Story - Instant Download

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This is a higher-quality presentation, with higher-resolution photos and full stereo sound. Enjoy a peaceful escape from the every-day world, and renew hope in uncertain times.

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Make A Difference with the Power of Connection Gift Book & DVD
for Professionals & Parents by Mary Robinson Reynolds

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The Little Book that Speaks Volumes: Rich Content that causes Instantaneous Positive Behavioral Change less than 30 seconds you can change a life for the better by Connecting with Compassion & Attention. Use these powerful stories for trainings & movies for public presentations. For all educators and parents, this book shows you the most effective ways to enjoy, and work with ALL children. The energy that you will feel is amazing. Also includes FREE DVD of The Connection Movie

Victim No More: Diffusing Bully Behavior UClick&Play™ Program
Mary Robinson Reynolds

Victim No More - UClick&Play

This is a 3 hour DO IT YOURSELF webinar training program with Mary as your trainer and coach, with 40 Slide Power Point Slideshow Presentation on a self-playing audio, for 1) the person who is on the receiving end of bully behavior, 2) the person who is a witness to bully behavior and wishes to intervene effectively, and 3) for the person who is currently locked into believing that if they don't "out-bully the bully" they will be annihilated emotionally and/or physically themselves.

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Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment Training Package

Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment
UTRAIN® Programs
Includes 6 Electronically Deliverable Short Movies

A super-sized comprehensive, cost-effective, Do-It-Yourself Training Program designed to teach the basic principles found in the Make A Difference with the Power of Connection and The Power of Compassion: 7 Ways You Can Make A Difference  companion books.

Programs for:
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Colors Program

Connecting With Colors® UTRAIN® Program
Includes Electronically deliverable video, movies and MP3 training audios

A super-sized comprehensive, cost-effective, Do-It-Yourself Training Program designed to teach the basic principles found in theConnectingwith Colorscompanion book.

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Corporate Training Package

Team Synergy 101 UTRAIN® Program
Includes Electronically deliverable video, movies and MP3 training audios

A super-sized comprehensive, cost-effective, Do-It-Yourself Training Program designed to teach the basic principles found in the The Power of Compassion: 7 Ways You Can Make ADifference gift book. This program INCLUDES the full Connecting with Colors Training Session. [You are welcome to upgrade from the Colors program to this one]

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Victim No More - UClick&Play

Victim No More: Diffusing Bully Behavior
UTRAIN® Program

DO IT YOURSELF Package for the trainer: PowerPoint Presentation Slideshow program, as well as ...
UTrain Leader's Guide - Electronic Delivery - UPrint PDFs and PPTs

A 54-page Leader's Guide PDF (UPrint)Notebook-size with Presenter's Outline PDF to accompany the UClick&Play PowerPoint Presentation Slideshow, giving you a pre-packaged training solution. 54-page Participant Handouts and other supporting materials.

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Academic Success 101

Academic Success 101 Online Course
Electronically deliverable MP3 training audios

The educational professional who has already experienced success with teaching and helping children BUT feels that there is still something more that can be - must be - done and/or learned on a school-wide an and community level. Superintendents, Principals, Counselors, Teachers, Home-Schoolers, Staff, Helping Professionals, Leaders of PTA and other Community Service Organizations wanting to participate with schools to Make A Difference in the lives of every single child in your community.

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Make A Difference Movie
- The Teddy Stallard Story

I felt compelled to create the flash movie from a story written by Elizabeth Silance Ballard because it is such a positive reminder of how we can completely turn around a life with the power of compassion. Originally published in a significantly different form in a 1974 issue of Home Life magazine as Three Letters from Teddy, this fictional tale has been passed from person to person as a "true" account for over three decades.

This is a story that bypasses the head and goes straight to the heart. Teddy Stallard's story illustrates what happens when a person stops judging and starts connecting. Compassion creates a real possibility for what can happen in all human interactions, when a simple willingness to understand brings about a life-altering "shift in perception."

Three Letters From Teddy and other Stories by Elizabeth Silance Ballard

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Three Letters From Teddy is a very satisfying collection of short stories that touch the heart. Those who are acquainted with Teddy Stallard and his teacher, Miss Thompson, will enjoy further stories of this teacher's ability to touch the lives of her students.

"Three Letters From Teddy is an excellent example of how the human spirit triumphs over obstacles, and how one caring person can make the difference between success and failure." -- Judy Jacobs

"The stories are... timeless. They touch the heart and make one think. The stories are beautifully written. It seems to me, that there is too much truth in some of the stories for her not to have experienced the pain described. Heart wrenchingly beautiful. You feel pain and sadness but at the same time you understand forgiveness and truth and are left with a feeling of peace when you come to the end. Everyone who reads the book will be able to identify with it, each differently based on what they've experienced It's a book you can read again and again. I loved the book and will recommend it to my friends!!!!" -- Lona Lockhart

Have Mary Speak

"I am a 6 ft. 2in., 250-pound construction worker and this short, but profound, film actually brought tears to my eyes. It made me realize that I must be more mindful when I'm training my apprentices." -Walter Wood

"I was touched by your movie. We all know that good teachers make a positive difference each day. Sometimes we just need to be reminded."
- Doris Voitier, Superintendent, St. Bernard Parish Schools
and recipient of the JFK Profile in Courage Award

"I have read this story before but still had to use my shirt sleeve while watching it. In a high school, compassion for others is huge, for both staff and students. I have seen the power of compassion come alive and change a whole culture of a high school. 'The key is sustaining it.' In regard to your book, I have really discovered that kindness and compassion are closely linked to school culture and student success. Much of my work with kids has been about tapping into school's greatest and most under-utilized resource (kids) 'coaching' kids. I have witnessed first hand incredible transformation when the compassion you refer to in your book is extended in the form of 'giving' to others. It becomes a win-win for all, and this is the school culture shift I'm referring to. This is not new news to you, I'm sure"
- James Burke, Counseling Department Head
and Boys Varsity Soccer Coach

"I've purchased and read Make a Difference with the Power of Connection, and it is indeed a powerful little book! I am in HR and am blessed to be restructuring our management and business culture. "Connecting" with the people we work with is invaluable ~ especially Management to team member. Your book only solidified my deep belief and caused me to see further areas within myself that I need to shift in order to be more connected through compassion. While reading it I not only reflected back upon how I related to my own children, but substituted the word "child" with adult, team mate, employee, friend and/or at times even boss! Blessings abundant to you and your calling, Mary Reynolds."
-Ann in Maitland, HR

Mary's Response: Dear Ann, Thank YOU SO MUCH for your kind words about my Connection book for Parents & Professional Educators - and do I have a surprise for you! & Because of the very issue you bring up, I wrote The Power of Compassion 7 Ways You Can Make A Difference specifically for the working adult, working, employee, teammate, audience who very much needs this information to soften those hard edges we all carry around to end the generational legacy of pain in our society. It is the companion book for my FREE Team Synergy Training Manual: Make A Difference in 9 Weeks. Which you can download for free: Click Here
- Mary

I am an international student studying in Virginia. I came from the Middle East. I can vividly remember the first touching movie I watched through your website, and it make me look differently at who I am as a teacher! I wanted to know more since then, so I took my chances and grabbed a far away star "Fulbright Grant." I am here today in the USA. And today, my colleagues and my professors were impressed by the "Teddy Stallard" movie. They all drifted tears, and as the movie came to an end, silence came over. We were all touched to the bone. I could feel it on every cell of my body... inside my heart! I am glad I kept on passing these inspirational movies on to my friends in home, school and work settings! I've been reading Mary's empowering articles for years now, and this is just my favorite website... Maybe I can't have a go and buy your soul-soothing products, but I am so happy that I can still click on the links and play them whenever I want! Thank u thank u thank u.
plz .. Pass my gratitude to Mary !